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Why Alec shouldn’t reproduce….EVER

Posted by ekkin on Friday, January 19, 2007

While having a nightly Yahoo Messenger chat with my good friend Alec, I came to realise he should NEVER have kids. EVER. I was going to write another list of 5 things, but at the moment it’s past midnight and Grace won’t go to sleep and I want to write something, so we will stick with the main reason why. Here is an excerpt from our conversation:
Heather Fowler: We are trying to tire our baby out
Heather Fowler: she’s being stubborn tonight
Alec Lea: a lil nyquil will do the trick
Alec Lea: or whisky
Heather Fowler: uh huh
Alec Lea: or 6 tylenol PM like i haveto take nightly
Heather Fowler: that’s why you shouldn’t have children

If this isn’t reason enough… he’s a pizza delivery boy who drives a 91 sentra. Yeah… that’s good enough for me.


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