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Posted by ekkin on Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Grace is crying, I have a headache and people piss me off. Life is grand. For anyone who cares, Carrie says Vivie is doing good. They have her oxygen on a normal level and they are going to start tube feeding her tomorrow. If she can keep it all down then Carrie will get to breastfeed. I am just glad she is going to make it. We are going to make a special trip to Kirbyville in a month to see her and my MOMMY! Yea! I miss her! We may have to go to Shereport to see Vivie though, Carrie doesn’t know when they are going to release her. I can’t wait to see her. I still remember when Grace was that tiny…. well, maybe not that tiny. Vivie was 5 weeks early and Grace was one week late, but you get the picture. My husband seems to love this blogging thing he use to pick on me about. He writes more than I do. And I have a feeling that if we get another pet of any kind, it’s name is going to be Hand Banana. So that will be nice. Grace is throwing a little fit with her Daddy, so I will go save her now.


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