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Not excited…

Posted by ekkin on Wednesday, January 17, 2007

…about the whole Egypt thing. I think I have already blogged about it, right? If not, here’s a short version. My husband is going to Egypt by the end of this year. He could be gone for one month to nine months. The later would kill me. Lol, I guess I shouldn’t be complaining. Last night he told me that President Bush made an announcement that he was going to send more Patriot whatever (I half listen and I don’t know military terminology) over to Iraq. And guess whose Patriot whatever battalion is next on the list for deployment…Lee’s. And we aren’t talking a few months, we are talking a year… maybe longer. What in the Hell am I suppose to do for a year? Is that selfish? Wondering about what Grace and I are going to do while Lee is in a war zone? Don’t get me wrong, I probably won’t sleep much and I will live by my phone. But I don’t want to be alone. And to be with Grace 24/7 for a whole year with no one to help or give me a break… I would probably break. I think I may move home while he is gone. Get an apartment, see my Mommy everyday. I won’t have to work, Lee will get extra money for the whole DANGER thing, oh and Spousal seperation pay. That’s awesome. So anyway, Sarah… You may never get rid of me now!!!!!!!! Oh, and you can babysit to your little heart’s content.


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