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Posted by ekkin on Tuesday, January 16, 2007

you sit and wonder about life in general? Is it some sort of cruel joke? Here’s your life, you have to go through these things and work hard, even if you don’t want to, you get to have some fun, maybe find love…then you die. And you don’t even get to know when. Just one day…GAME OVER. It’s not fair. I only hope I get to see my baby grow up. I remember in High School when I wanted to die on a daily basis. Grace has given me reason to live. It’s nice. I love her.

On to other things. Sarah has be neglecting me. She doesn’t love me anymore. She wishes I were dead. I know she does!!! But I still love her!


One Response to “Life….”

  1. yunahalo said

    YOu little EMO FAG! I LOVE YOU! YOU Better NOT Leave… I will hurt you really bad… but NOT kill you! Silly head…

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