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I think I am going to stop

Posted by ekkin on Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I am considering ending this blog. I don’t know why. I just… feel bad today. I need to make some friends here. I miss home. I miss my Mom. Geez… I want to be 16 again.


4 Responses to “I think I am going to stop”

  1. parasol said

    Would you like some cheese with that whine? Whiiiiiiiiiine. Call the Waaaaaahmbulance. How about a Quarter Pounder with an order of French Cries.

    How about… What the Hell are you whining about? You’re married and have a kid. You’re not supposed to have blogs, homes, mothers, or friends. And you act like you’re a 16 year old. A 16 year old emo kid. If you were my grass, I’d let Dale Gribble fumigate my lawn, just so you wouldn’t have the pleasure of cutting yourself. Emo grass.

    Now post something, before I have to write another ‘inspirational’ comment.

  2. You need to love Yuna more.
    If you need more loving, come to my blog, it’s all one big uterusfest where we laugh until we pee yourselves and then mock german blogs. Now, I’m 20. As you are. HOW THE FUCK did you manage to get married and have kids that fast? I’ve barely even gotten out of my mum’s pouch. Yes, you guessed it, my mum’s a platypus…Anyway, cute kid. (I can’t have kids, therefore I’ll shut up before my antimaternal instincts set in)

  3. yunahalo said

    Momo’s mom had a pouch too. Aww…

  4. ekkin said

    I am just talented like that…. and most people from our town get pregnant @ 16, so I am a late bloomer.

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