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I suck

Posted by ekkin on Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I started this blog off with a bang… 79 hits my first day. Now no one comes…why? I don’t ever freaking write anything! Well, that’s about to change that’s right my million of fans (In Nikke math 1 million=4) I am BACK! I had to take a week off to bury a great cousin and visit with another AWESOME cousin and I am getting back to my normal routines. I think I want to talk about John-John now. Maybe here in a minute. I have like 20 things I need to blog about, but they can’t all go in one blog. Hope I don’t forget them all! So anyway, this one of probably a MILLION entries in the next couple of hours. Enjoy!

Also, in case you didn’t know…I am a loser and want one category for every letter in the alphabet, I am going to try and do that soon! Any suggestions?? Here are the letters I am sucking at… E, J, N,Q, T, U, V, and Y… yeah ALOT!


One Response to “I suck”

  1. parasol said

    You do, indeed suck.

    Write more. So I can continue to own you, like the slave to society that you are.

    And yeah, I know I’m an awesome cousin. You don’t have to Cleveland Steam it all over the intarweb though.

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