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Posted by ekkin on Sunday, January 14, 2007

I was thinking about this word today. It’s ironic how no one wants to be handicapped unless is raining and the Walmart parking lot is full. Isn’t it ironic…don’t you think, just a little too ironic, yeah I really do think….that I shouldn’t recite songs on my blog. blah.

* There I fixed it Sarah. You try typing perfectly when you have a screaming little baby!!!!!!! *


2 Responses to “Irony”

  1. yunahalo said

    No, what’s ironic is you want to be an English teacher and what you said made no sense. Did you leave out/misspell a few words?

    It’s ok, I guess I still love you…. :o)

  2. yunahalo said

    HAHA, you still got it wrong… ‘unless IT is raining’

    Amd I do have a screaming little baby…. his name is Tally. :o)

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