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Vivie Rose

Posted by ekkin on Friday, January 12, 2007

Okay, her name is Vivianna, but I have no idea how to spell that, so we will stick with Vivie for now. I have a new neice! I am not as excited as I was with Vanessa, but I am excited. I now have four neices and two nephews. I only have two sisters! But it’s cool, because I figure that if they have so many kids I can stop with two and my mom will still get all the grandkids she wanted. Vivie was born last night @ 6:30pm. She’s doing okay, but there were complications. She was born 5 weeks early (mine was one week late, I am different from everyone else in my family). She stopped breathing, but she’s okay now. They transported her to Shereport and my sister is waiting to be released from Jasper, so she can be with her. I am just glad everything is okay!


3 Responses to “Vivie Rose”

  1. Vivie said

    My name is VIVIE and I was born not breathing also. The umbilical cord was wraped around my neck and I had a mid wife resussitae me,,, When was she born? I was born in September…

  2. ekkin said

    um, Jan 10th? She was too little, that’s why she stopped breathing. But she is doing much much better now.

  3. yunahalo said

    Wow other Vivie… You are 4 months old and can already type? Well, not very well, but you ARE just 4 months old after all…

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