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drive me crazy

Posted by ekkin on Saturday, January 6, 2007

Grace is driving me freaking crazy! Every other night she goes to bed at bedtime and on the other nights, like tonight, she will NOT go to sleep. I have to eventually put her in bed with me. It’s driving me crazy. Also, we are getting up early to go get me a puppy I have been wanting forever. We have to be done by 12 so Lee can watch his football game. He invited people over but refuses to clean up the house so it’s not a big mess. It’s not that bad because I have been cleaning ALONE all week, but it needs straightening up. He has been home since 4 pm and guess how much he was cleaned……NOT AT ALL!!!!!! And now he’s laying on the couch getting tired. If he doesn’t clean up tonight, he is going to have to cancel the party because I am not cleaning and I am getting my puppy. He’s not ruining my plans. He drives me crazy too! I have a household of people who are going to make me go mad. He is a GREAT husband, but a REALLY shitty houskeeper. He is messy and lazy and I HATE it! Ok, enough ranting. I am going to take Grace to bed. And will bet $100 that when I do Lee isn’t going to clean he is going to play xbox. Any takers?


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