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Derrr… I need some inspiration… Hopefully from someone stoopid. « The Wonderful World of Yuna Halo

Posted by ekkin on Saturday, January 6, 2007

Derrr… I need some inspiration… Hopefully from someone stoopid. « The Wonderful World of Yuna Halo

Sarah, people want to see this not only because they are sick people (which, I agree, some are), but they feel a sense of satisfaction. And, let’s face it, maybe even a sense of pride. We, as in the United States of America, brought down and brought to justice an evil tyrant. Even though he may have liked cheetos (who doesn’t?) he was still a very very bad man. We can’t just go on slapping bad people on the wrists *cough*like Bill Clinton did*cough*. Justice has been served and it was VERY deserved. Now about people watching, it’s kind of a validation…PROOF. I mean, do you really think Hilter is dead? Or at least died when he did? Well, some people don’t. Since we let his own people execute him, some want to make sure it ACTUALLY happened. And they are sick. But what can I say, I haven’t seen the video, besides what they showed on fox news, but I DO LOVE the movie Hostel. So I guess I am a little twisted in the head as well. Love you!


One Response to “Derrr… I need some inspiration… Hopefully from someone stoopid. « The Wonderful World of Yuna Halo”

  1. parasol said

    I’ve given you an entire post. You should read it. People should read more. Not just technical data, and useless trivia about people they’ll never meet and really shouldn’t care about, or media-talking-head political drivel, but literature. Illiteracy breeds contempt of history. Contempt of the past means that we’re doomed to repeat it. 1938 called, and it want’s Ahmadinaj… I mean Hitler back.

    By the way, Hitler committed suicide in a bunker with his wife Eva Braun. No video needed, there was forensic proof.

    Americans used to pride themselves as being Americans… Now we’re a bunch of apologetic, emo unicorns that hate their own country because TeenPeople or whatever publication tells them they must. Amazingly, they’ll all watch the video of Saddam Hussein being executed because it’s the pop-culture moment of the year, and they have to tell all of their fruity hair swept over their eyes, ’80s flashback douchebag ‘friends’ that they saw it and how cool it was.

    The point being, when did we lose our pride? When did we lose OUR morality? We hate people because we’re told we must without question, and we love people that are trying to kill us. We love Mexico, we love Iran, we love the UN. We hate ALL of Islam, but we love the Saudis. The duality of man at work. Homo Sapien, meet Homo Erectus. I think you’ve met before.

    When WILL we learn from the past?

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