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so sweet

Posted by ekkin on Wednesday, December 27, 2006

okay, I gave Grace a bath then Lee has “Daddy time” with her until I am done with my shower and it’s her bedtime. Usually she screams until I come get her (she loves me…and she’s spoiled). Well, when I was coming down stairs it was really really quiet. Guess what… Grace was in her Daddy’s arms (he’s playing xbox) and Grace has her head propped up on her hand and she is ASLEEP! This is the second time her Dad has put her asleep and the last time she was only a couple of weeks old. I took a pic…I’ll post it later. Now, poor baby, I have to wake her up so she can eat and go to bed!


One Response to “so sweet”

  1. yunahalo said

    Hey, I found something for youuuuu!
    Teehee, your old website!

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