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I ate Santa’s cookies!

Posted by ekkin on Tuesday, December 26, 2006

We made Santa some chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk, but I ate and drank it all because that fat bastard didn’t bring me not ONE thing on my previous list posted on here! What an ass. Anyway, Christmas was fun, Grace a a blast ripping open presents. She liked the wrapping and tissue paper more than her presents, but she’ll come around. There are pics on her website if you want to see the holiday cheer. I also have videos but I haven’t uploaded then yet for you viewing pleasures, give me a couple of days, I am lazy! Hope everyone had a good holiday and is going to have a great New Years! I am…. because Lee and I (and Grace) or going to Kirbyville to celebrate with family and friends. Go us!


One Response to “I ate Santa’s cookies!”

  1. yunahalo said

    You pig, poor santa. I thought we were gonna play dominoes?

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