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Is your dog missing?

Posted by ekkin on Sunday, December 24, 2006

Look at this picture…..

Cute, huh? This is a Raccoon Dog, but it’s part of the dog family and unrelated to a raccoon, it’s only called this because of it’s resemblance of a raccoon.

I know what you are thinking… why do I care? Well, how would you feel if you bought a innocent faux fur hoodie that wasn’t really faux, but this animal’s fur? Yeah, I am NOT joking!

P. Diddy’s (Puff Daddy, Sean John, whatever name he is going by this week) hoodies for Macy’s have been pulled because tests show that the supposedly “faux fur” is really raccoon dog fur from China. P. Diddy claims he was not aware. Apparently, this isn’t the first incident. Other clothing lines such as Baby Phat, Calvin Klein and Andrew Marc have been tested and found to have contained the fur of this animal as well.

This is an outrage! Killing dogs, domestic or not, is sick (yeah, eat that China). But this is even worse, marketing real animal fur to the animal friendly people of America as faux fur.


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