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Myspace is becoming “gay”

Posted by ekkin on Friday, December 22, 2006

* I put gay in “” because I mean in a slang way (ie-stupid, sucks, etc) not in a homosexual way, because gay people rule!*

I received a friend request from this girl so I went to her profile to check it out (unlike some “whores” on myspace, I like to like my friends. I don’t add bands or people who aren’t from this area). Anyway, her profile was covered with this floating layer. It had a pic of tom and said to view the profile I needed to download a “myspace viewer”. Being smart, I went to the forums and asked what it was instead of downloading it. Apparently, it a “trojan” (in reference to the Trojan horse, not the condom, I had this clarified) that will download a virus to your computer. I am beginning to wonder if I want to be on myspace anymore. First we have 12-16 year old girls prostituting themselves and getting people arrested and bands (and myspace “whores”) that want to add you just so they can have thousands of friends. Don’t be reeled in, they will never actually talk to you. Also, bulletins from people trying to sell you things or have you receive “free” gifts. Now, we have profiles that can destroy your computer if you aren’t smart. And let’s face it, not many people on myspace are smart. I use to think it was so cool and I did meet some military wives on there that I am friends with, but I am thinking about closing down my profile. No one talks to me anymore anyway because I don’t write in my blog there anymore (this one is 200% better) and I don’t fill my profile up with stupid crap that flashes and/or is glittery. Blah….


One Response to “Myspace is becoming “gay””

  1. sevenishy said

    First, the pictures of grace are so cute! Shes defiantly a cute little girl. I agree with 99% of what you wrote in your hate blog (or maybe it was 100% dont quite remember) But I do agree wtih myspace being gay. Either way, if you close it down, I can talk to you on here or yahoo or even on the phone. well just letting you know that i still read your blogs!

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