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I hate you, your mom, and your little dog too!

Posted by ekkin on Friday, December 22, 2006

Have you noticed how crappy music has gotten now-a-days? OMG, Fergalious? Come on, are you freaking kinding me? Though Nikkalious sounds cool, Fergie sucks. London Bridge wanna go down, milky milky coco coco puffs? Where in the Hell do they get these lyrics? Crack is my best guess, that or really really strong weed. Or how about the fact that rappers now have to resort to making up words (ie- fo shizzle) to rhyme. I want to pull my hair out everytime I listen to the radio. Thank God someone invented the cd player. I hardly listen to anything but cds now. What is the world coming to?


One Response to “I hate you, your mom, and your little dog too!”

  1. I love you for reminding me how much I fucking hate that Fergie-bitch. I wish she’s go back to ODing on crack and leave my eardrums alone.
    BTW: get yourself an mp3player. Easypeasy.

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