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I am slacking

Posted by ekkin on Friday, December 22, 2006

I started this blog and wrote and wrote and wrote, now I have nothing to talk about! I guess I’ll have to wait until some one pisses me off, lol. The last couple of days have been weird. Lee getting off early throws my whole day for a loop. Anyway, I bought a mini sewing machine and finally figured out how to use it. Yea for me! I am making (or attempting to make) my first shirt. I’ll have to post pics for everyone when I am done so you can laugh at me and actually find something about me interesting. I was looking through my old poems (there are a bunch). I think I may post some up here when I have nothing else to talk about. Don’t expect anything new and good, I have seem to have lost my poetic touch. You know what I think it is? I am actually happy! I was so freaking miserable in high school all I did was write. But now I am busy with Lee and the baby. I hope I can write again someday. It would be a shame to deny the world of my wonderful poems!


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