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Posted by ekkin on Thursday, December 21, 2006

My head hurts so I want to babble about life. Not that it’ll make my headache better, it’ll probably hurt worse, but to make you read this and be as miserable as me. I have a had quite a few boyfriends… some good, some bad. Let’s talk about the good ones first. I once dated this guy in junior high, namded Brett Joiner. I broke up with, I don’t even know why, after a week or so. You know, typical junior high crap. I don’t regret it now, I have Lee, who is better than anyone I have every been with. But he is such a good guy. I remember in High School talking to him and kicking myself in the ass. But I know he would have eventually broke up with me, I wasn’t really “popular”, and he ended up being, so you know that never works. Then I dated (there were some in between) Dusty Goodwin (Sarah you remember this). This is the BEST guy I have ever dated outside my husband and my BIGGEST mistake when I came to breaking up. He was an awesome guy. But he is better suited for his current girlfriend…his mom likes her, lol. Now, the bad ones. I fell in love with a guy named Matthew Braddock in High School. I mean real love BEFORE we dated. Then he broke my little heart. I have never cried in public before him. I cried all day long in school. Couldn’t eat. It was so bad that my Mom took me shopping to cheer me up and my parents (well, my dad) are cheap. I eventually got over him though. My next serious boyfriend was Brian Lyon. Oh, geez, this should be an entry all in itself. He treated me like dirt under his feet, and the worse part was, I let him. Let’s see… once he threw a deck of cards at me and busted my lip in front of our friends. I was ashamed and embarrassed. I had foot surgery right after we started dating and we went to the mall and he wouldn’t even push me in a wheelchair (I couldn’t walk for long periods of time). One night we were drinking with a friend of ours (She’ll remain unnamed because I love her and don’t want to make her mad at me) and he made me sleep on the floor in the living room while he slept in his room with her. I don’t even want to know if anything happened, she was really really drunk and sick. That same night he was in the living room and I went to make sure he was okay. He was lying on the floor, I got down with him (really hard with a cast on) and he grabbed me by my throat and told me he could kill me if he wanted to. Sadly though, I didn’t leave him, he left me after cheating on me with a 14 year old girl and God only knows who else. It only went down hill from there. I met Brian (I know, I have a thing about Brians) Langely. He was such a nice guy in the beginning. He was a truck driver who was 11 years older than me (I know, my tastes have improved). We traveled for more than half of relationship, never got bored, got to see 32 states. Who else from Kirbyville can say they have been that many places? He use to get angry, not at me, but at silly things. Like if his fave nascar driver didn’t win and he would hit things, again not me. I never thought anything of it, a guy thing. After Brian 1, what was a little misdirected anger? He didn’t call me names or degrade me. He made me feel special. So I decided to move to Indianapolis with him (why is whole long story, so we will skip it). We were over 1000 miles from home and it didn’t even take him a whole month before he first hit me. Bad. Over Taco Bell. I am not joking. We didn’t have a lot of money and I didn’t want to spend $12 at Taco Bell just because he eats too much. He slapped me around, choked me. When I didn’t leave I guess he thought he could keep doing it, and he did, almost everyday for two months. Then one day He went after my puppy for tearing up a pair of MY jeans (he use to hit me for NOT getting mad enough when my two dogs did something wrong… I am NOT joking). She was a pitbull but still very small. He was going to kill her. I attacked him, the only time I ever struck him. I thought he was going to kill me. And that was it. Luckily at my job at the college I had met this really great guy (friends at this point, I don’t cheat) who was willing to help me out even though he barely knew me. He helped me find a roommate and moved me while Brian was at work. I eventually married him. I love you Lee! I am tired of talking about all this…


One Response to “Life”

  1. yunahalo said

    Wow, that was wonderfully horrible…. I love you. Oh, and I had NO IDEA that you slept in a different room and all that… nothing happened, I was just passed out. DON’T DATE MY EX BOYFRIENDS! But really… I had no idea the other Brian did all that… I KNEW there was something weird about him. I’m sorry! You should call me… :-)

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