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Gay Marriage

Posted by ekkin on Sunday, December 17, 2006

Well, you know how I joined a Kathy Griffin Fansite? Bad idea. I love her, but she is liberal, so I guess I should have known everyone on her fansite would be as well. I introduced myself as a conservative and was actually welcomed, saying the site needed diversity. But I now have a sinking suspicion that diversity to this group of people is only accepted in a liberal sense (liberal whites, liberal african americans, liberal gays….you get the point). So, I decided to comment on one of the forums, you know, mingle and such. So I found a topic on Gay Marriage. The person who started the forum claimed to want a debate, yet the 8 people that had replyed all agreed gays should be allowed to marry. Since I don’t agree with this, I though I should reply, making it an actual debate. In response to my nice put comment on why they shouldn’t be allowed and should be happy with civil union, I was called stupid and compared to a monkey who flings feces at zoo visitors. Thanks. So much for wanting a different opinion. I think it’s funny because I did nothing to provoke it except give my opinion, something they asked for. I said nothing mean or nasty, but that’s what I got in return. It’s like my husband says, conservatives perfer to use fact in a debate, whereas liberals perfer to use emotions and insults. Everyone should read this book by Micheal Savage called Liberalism is a Mental Disorder…I am beginning to agree.


7 Responses to “Gay Marriage”

  1. euqinorev said

    If you don’t believe in gay marriage…how are we supposed to be together? :P

  2. James said

    I am a moderate Republican and have caught a little grief from the Kathy site. Others are not so liberal, but they usually don’t say much because they have said a group tends to bully people espousing opinions differing from the party line. Many of the folks there are nice, and we have a cordial relationship. So, I have no axe to grind.

    A few of us have been subtly inserting political discussion and drawing people out. This morning, I saw what they did to you, and I am ashamed to be associated with such a hatchet job. While I may disagree with some of your beliefs, they never really gave you a chance to let us know who you are.

    I was so angry, I instant messaged someone in private and told her I may not return to the forum. I also left an appology to you, but if I had been you, I might not have returned to the site to read it.

    I also suggested you might like to meet my friends on the Janeane on line forum. It is the remains of many battles in the past, but now, the few survivers are friends in spite of different political views.

    That forum is in dire need of diverse views. I’m sorry you had to feel their wrath.


  3. barbara said

    Hey Nikke, I am a member of the Kathy forum and did not realize that a hatchet job had been done on you that day as was only sporadically checking in from time to time due to the Christmas frenzy….I am sorry that I missed a chance to join in, let you know that you are not alone – I would be the oldest, ultra conservative on the board – no doubt – just know that the libs there can be wankers some days – truly….but most ofter – there can be a spirit of fun ….
    Consider yourself hugged – and GOD bless you and your family – try to come out to play again sometime….I, among others will be welcoming….

  4. goddess said

    What fansite was it?

  5. ekkin said

  6. goddess said

    lol! Her official site. It appears then she feels the same way.

  7. ekkin said

    Of course she does… she calls her friends “the gays”. She very liberal. I love her as an entertainer though, even if I don’t care for her politics.

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