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My resolutions….a draft

Posted by ekkin on Friday, December 15, 2006

I may be the only person who starts a draft of her New Year’s resolutions, but I do end up completing most of them. I have to be honest. I “practice” my resolutions in December. Sounds silly I know. But when my resolutions fall through I can tend to feel useless, so by trying them out beforehand lets me know if I can handle them. I am such a loser. Anyway, it’s extra important this year because so much in my life is different. All in the year in 2006, I have gotten married, had a baby, left my home (I miss my Mommy!) permanently, and entered a new lifestyle (if you consider military a lifestyle). So I think this year will have to be a little different, like everything else. So let’s see…. (this are not in a particular order)
1. Stop smoking (I really shouldn’t have started again. I quit for 11 months when I was pregnant! This is something to work on)
2. Start a beauty routine and stick to it (It’s hard to have one with a new baby, but I don’t want to be 25 and have to go on “10 Years Younger”)
3. EXERCISE (Lol, this has been on every resolution list I have made, but this is the only time I mean it. I need to lose this baby fat!)
4. Make friends (I still don’t know many people here)
5. Get out of the house! (I am always stuck at home. I need to get out and do things. So I have a baby, a lot of people do and they don’t sit at home waiting for their husband’s to get home all day)
6. Keep my house clean (Don’t get me wrong, it’s not DIRTY here, but it can get messy. Half the time I have no time to clean with Grace and all. I need to make it a priority.)

I think that is about it for now. I’ll think of more later I know!


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