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Can I be Miss USA?

Posted by ekkin on Thursday, December 14, 2006

Wow, what an honor! Apparently the present Miss USA (Tara Conner) is being “dethroned”. The stripping of the crown (that sounds painful) is in effect because of the beauty Queen’s inappropriate behavior. Haha. I am personally against pagents (and yes it’s because I am not pretty!) and I think it’s funny that people expect Miss USA not to party. Hello, most of these girls are college sorority Be-othes, so it’s that their whole life? The best part is, if, or when, her crown is taken, it’ll be handed off to the runner up. Isn’t that nice? The new Miss USA will be crowned in April 2007. That’ll be a nice story for the grandchildren. “I was crowned Miss USA due to the original winner being a sleazy party girl. I got to wear the crown for, oh, 4 months.” Thanks a whole lot. I think I would rather not take the crown. It seems slightly degrading to only recieve the crown due to a dishonorable discharge. Also, once you are queen, you can’t run again, right? If I were the runner up, I would refuse the crown… I would rather try again next year and win it for real!


One Response to “Can I be Miss USA?”

  1. euqinorev said

    What do you mean you aren’t pretty!? I think you are hot! I love you!

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