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100 things about me…

100. I know all the words to every song on the Little Mermaid soundtrack.
99. I sing these songs in the shower.
98. I graduated high school early. Not because I was smart but because it was an option and I hated everyone there.
97. I like to lick the filling out of oreos and then throw the cookie away…or put in back in the package for a prank.
96. I have three gerbils that I never play with… I have a baby to worry about!
95. I have the hugest crush on Paul Giamatti.
94. I sometimes poot and blame it on my baby.
93. I stopped biting my nails, except for my left pinky finger.
92. I am a conservative (duh, read my blog).
91. I would never wear brown and black together, I think it’s tacky.
90. I secretly fantasied about seriously hurting certain people I went to high school with.
89. I smoke Kools (I am trying to quit…again.)
88. I did not smoke during my pregnancy (go me).
87. I copy and pasted (and rearranged some words) on a paper for college and got a “b”.
86. I think I actually like Paris Hilton.
85. I voted for President Bush in 2004.
84. I would have voted for him in 2000, but I was only 14.
83. I make up words to sound smarter.
82. I am married to a U.S soldier, and I think he is really sexy in his uniform.
81. I dye my hair blonde (but I was born with blonde hair, I swear).
80. I once dyed my hair 6 times in 2 weeks (pink, blonde with pink, purple-to get the pink out- brown twice to get rid of the purple, then added blonde highlights to make it lighter).
79. I have had green hair.
78. I have had red, green, blue and brown hair all at once while working at Pizza Hut.
77. I have had 11 jobs and I am only 20.
76. The longest job I have kept was for 5 months (work study at Ivy Tech), before that 3 weeks.
75. I have never filed taxes.
74. I have to drink (I don’t mean acohol) when I smoke.
73. I want to be an English teacher, but I can’t spell.
72. I have had two abusive boyfriends (one emotionally, one physically) and they share the same first name…wierd, eh?
71. I say “eh” all the time, but I am NOT canadian.
70. I like to drink Crown, even though it’s expensive (I can’t drink right now though, because I breastfeed).
69. I still have dreams (and cry) about my dog Andy who I had to give away when I moved from Indy to Texas.
68. I hold a personal record of throwing up six times in one day. (I was having “morning” sickness).
67. I sometimes considered a “bitch” because I am honest and will say whatever whenever I feel like it.
66. I can suck on my breast, and yes I found this out by trying.
65. I hate football, but I watch just to make my husband happy.
64. I was curious what breastmilk tasted like…you figure out the rest.
63. I once ripped the butt out of a pair of jeans and then walked around walmart completely oblivious.
62. I have leaked in public without knowing it. (my breasts).
61. Touchdown Marvin! (Lee told me to put this).
60. I can’t stand on the ledge without thinking about jumping.
59. I once killed a gerbil by forgetting to feed it.
58. I had a goldfish that froze to death in my bedroom.
57. I pray to God everynight that when I lay my daughter down that she’ll stay asleep.
56. We once bought a 24 pack of Dr. Pepper’s and a 12 pack of cokes and I drank them all within 5 days.
55. I like Britney Spears, as a person and an artist.
54. I think Brad Pitt is a damn idiot for leaving Jen for Angelina.
53. Anna and the King makes me cry, I just have think about the movie and I cry.
52. I have gone down a one way street…the wrong way.
51. I wanted to stay in room 100 at the Chelsea Hotel in NYC because that’s where Nancy Spungen died (Sid and Nancy).
50. I don’t take my contacts out at night.
49. I love myspace, but I have to change mine every month, just so it doesn’t get boring.
48. I thought my husband was a loser when I first met him.
47. I only read three of the blogs on my blogroll, I let you guess.
46. I have had (unwillingly) unconsious fantasies about Kathy Griffin.
45. If I had a million dollars, I wouldn’t give any to charity.
44. I have read Victoria Holt’s “The Queen’s Confession” five times.
43. I have read Danielle Steel’s “Mirror Image” seven times.
42. I wanted to name Grace, Amelia, but Lee hates that name.
41. I don’t like liberals.
40. I hate candy, except maybe once a month, but no chocolate.
39. I plan on having a party when I finally get my period back (last one was Oct 2005).
38. I wear asize 7, but I say I wear a size 5.
37. I gained double the amount required when I got pregnant.
36. I just finally saw snow for the first time in Indy winter of 2005/2006.
35. I hate snow.
34. My favorite color is pink, though I claimed to hate it in high school, I secertly loved it.
33. I say things just to piss people off.
32. I embarrass my husband on a daily basis.
31. I say I am ugly, but I know I am really cute.
30. I am happy Grace got my nose, because I think it’s the most perfect nose in the whole entire world.
29. I think beer is gross and I don’t understand how people can drink it.
28. I would pay someone to hang out with me…. offers?
27. I miss Kirbyville…do NOT tell anyone.
26. I ran away from home when I was 5.
25. I believe that you read the first few, scrolled down to catch the top 25. Well, the jokes on you, these are in no particular order.
24. I take opposing sides just so I can argue.
23. I had a crush on my Freshman English teacher…I mean a MAJOR crush.
22. I can’t swim….I can’t even float.
21. I gave birth naturally. With NO drugs. So there!
20. I wanted the drugs, but didn’t have time…
19. I can’t sleep without someone in the bed with me.
18. I won’t watch anything about the war or 911.
17. I love Gracie very very much.
16. I secretly want another baby soon.
15. I feel special when people read my blog.
14. I only drink water that is cold, but I hate ice.
13. I say “douche” a lot now because of my husband.
12. I think Condelezza Rice should run for President.
11. I pick my daughter’s boogers because I think nasal aspirators are mean.
10. I like squirrels.
9. I say “crack” instead of “crap” and it drives Lee crazy.
8. I am afraid of midgets (they present a massive shin kicking hazard that I am afraid that the Russians will catch on and use the for an air attack).
7. I like Adult Swim except for Assy Mgee, I hate man ass (unlike Tally).
6. I love Degrassi and constantly talk about them as if they were real people
5. I ran over a kitten once and cried for two weeks.
4. I hum at inappropriate times without realising it.
3. I once pulled my hair into a ponytail and cut it off just to prove a point to my Dad.
2. I hate my first name.
1. Nikke is my nickname, NOT my first name. My first name is NOT Nicole. Hahahahaha!


20 Responses to “100 things about me…”

  1. yunahalo said

    Wow, I can’t BREATH! That’s amazing that you constructed 100 facts off the top of your head! Thanx for including my husband in #7!

  2. euqinorev said

    You didn’t put anything in about our sex life! I am so offended!

  3. lauren robinson said

    Sorry, there isn’t enough money in the world to make me hangout with a dumb conservative bitch like you

  4. ekkin said

    Wow, don’t you have a tree to hug or a baby seal to save? What was the purpose of that comment? Liberal douche.

  5. Brian said

    I guess lauren didnt read no.41

  6. ekkin said

    Lauren is a douche. And I know who she is now, she use to like my husband in school. Jealous much? BTW, you are ugly and I am not, that’s why Lee loves ME!!!!!!!!!!

  7. ihbe said

    I must say, Nikke, I disagree with…almost everything. But, still, congrats with a new baby;)

  8. ekkin said

    that’s because you are the image that comes to mind when I think of everything I hate in life. But your still okay.

  9. ihbe said

    Aw, I feel exactly the same way about you! Maybe even more strongly:D

  10. ekkin said

    possibly, considering at the moment I can only half heartedly hate you since I have real life problems to deal with. Moving, having a second baby, finding an apartment where I won’t get murdered. BTW, my comments are all good fun, I don’t hate anyone, well at least not you. You are eh, okay. And your blog won’t come up, it just blinks at me, are you downloading a virus to my computer??? JK

  11. ihbe said

    No, I got sick of the blog. I’ve got so much stuff to do and travelling, so I thought I might as well just take it down. I live with my boyfriend now, and I’ve got two jobs, one of them mostly for fun, and we’re going to Singapore soon so I just don’t have time. Well, off to work!

  12. ekkin said

    Singapore? I know someone from there. Yeah, Lee and I turned down the chance to go overseas because of the babies. But we had the choices of Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Italy…. I can’t remember if there were other ones. But who could leave Texas?? San Antonio is AWESOME. Have fun working!

  13. ihbe said

    I did have fun, working, that is. I have to say I’m kinda glad I don’t live in America mainly because then I couldn’t go visit all the other countries in Europe on such short notice; we’re going to Dublin for xmas-shopping:D San Antonio sounds like a challenge (the apartment-hunt). We’re gonna buy an apartment soon, we just need to figure out where we’d like to live. I’m kinda tired of Oslo. I saw someone snorting coke on the subway today. It was gross. It’s not the worst of cities, by far, but, still it’s a city and I don’t think I’d like to raise a family here. It’s too dirty. Find somewhere decent to live yet?

  14. ekkin said

    oh yep. We rented an apartment Friday and we are so excited we are already packing. After going to the city we realize it’s not so bad. I could never live any where but America, for obvious reasons I am not going to list. I would rather stay here my whole life and never leave the country, than not live here.

  15. ihbe said

    I guess we’re just different. America is great for hols. But otherwise, not for me.

  16. ekkin said

    hols? Is that a word? Because when I just typed it, it was underlined in red. Maybe it’s one of those slang words. I don’t speak slang.

  17. ihbe said

    it’s british slang for holiday.

  18. ekkin said

    oh, I thought it might be slang for asshole or something. Hey, this little back and forth is fun, but I won’t be on for a while. I lost my baby last night, miscarriage, and I feel… well at the moment I don’t feel anything. Just numb as Hell. But I am sure the next few days will be shitty. So I probably won’t be getting on to talk with you. Sorry.

  19. ihbe said

    That’s ok. I hope you feel better.

  20. mika said

    kool. random but kool. lol.

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